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Question about Sharpening Tool in Lightroom

4 years 5 months ago #4046 by finntroll

I have some questions about the sharpening tool in Lightroom 4. What is the maximum amount of sharpening you would apply to your photograph and how do the other sliders such as "Radius", "Detail" and "Masking" affect the overall image?
I can see what happens when holding the "Alt"Key, but it does not seem to modify anything at all, only the "Amount"Slider works - do I miss something? :huh:

Here is a screenshot of my particular photograph

lr4_edit by f i n n t r o l l , on Flickr
How would you adjust the settings? To me it just does not look crispy enough - Is there a better way to bring out details? (I think the fish is in focus, right?!)

Thanks, ..and I keep shooting ;)

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4 years 5 months ago #4047 by Conor Casey
For me, it depends on what type of photo I am sharpening. Some photos require more or less sharpening than others. I never use 100% sharpening though.

The Amount setting is simple; as you increase the Amount the overall sharpening of the image is increased.

The Radius determines the width of the halos generated around the edges in the photo. A small radius setting can be used to pick out fine detail in a picture, but will have a minimal effect on the soft, wider edges in a picture. A high radius setting may over-emphasize the fine edges, but do more to enhance the soft edges such as the facial features in a portrait.

The Detail slider suppresses the halo effects in a picture and allows you to increase the Amount sharpening but without generating noticeable halo edges in the picture.

The masking slider masks out areas of sharpening. A higher setting will sharpen only the edges and protect the flat tones of a picture. I find this best when there is sky in a picture as there is nothing in a sky that needs to be sharpened; all you get is noise/grain.

With your photo, I think the problem is that you have shot through a pane of glass to get the shot? This has resulted in a softer picture and is the reason it's not crispy enough; I don't really think it has much to do with the settings you have been using. You could try playing around with the sharpening settings a bit but to be honest, I would have to see the file itself to comment further. It looks like there is CA around the fish's fins; be sure to check the "Remove Chromatic Aberrations" button. :)

Conor Casey

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4 years 5 months ago #4069 by finntroll
I could share the Raw File I guess (how about It was actually shot from above the surface and the water was not really moving either..

Let me know if I should send you a link where you can download the zipped Raw file, so that you can try yourself?!

Thanks for the quick answer btw!

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