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Backup software.

5 years 2 months ago #3402 by Luke
Luke created the topic: Backup software.
I was wondering what backup software people use (if any). Currently I currently have one copy of my photos on my computer and I manually copy them to two external hard drives that I use as a backup.

Does anybody have experience or a recommendation for software to sync the master folder on my pc with the two external drives?

Ps. I am using windows 7 64bit.

Thanks Luke

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5 years 2 months ago #3403 by Brian Benson
Brian Benson replied the topic: Backup software.
I keep one set on an external hard drive, then I back up to DVD then nightly I backup using website.

I am me and that's all that I can be.

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5 years 2 months ago #3404 by dave seymour
dave seymour replied the topic: Backup software.
for me i back up all files to:
1. 1 set on main compy
2. 1 set on an external 1 TB HD
3. 1 set on my mybooklive network 2TB HD
(which can be accessed from my iphone, ipad or any device around the world which is password protected)

I used to back up to dvd but i find it easier to just plug a usb in, or in my mybooklive case just send the files/folders straight to the drive...

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50mm f1.8
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5 years 2 months ago #3411 by 6l6c
6l6c replied the topic: Backup software.
I have a couple of methods for myself.
The first (as far as hardware) I have a NAS on my network, within the NAS there are two hard-drives the drives are setup to mirror each other.

The second is two external hard drives they get rotated one will stay home for a week and one stays off site in my case work.

As far as the backup method I like to write my own bat files for backing up, the past year or two I have been using "robocopy" (Windows Vista and above) and basically making a mirror of whatever I choose to backup. In my case I am using it for my photos including Lightroom catalogs, music library, also multitrack recordings and my pst files for Microsoft Outlook and of coarse "My Documents"

The external hard-drives also maintain the same copy as the NAS but also once a week I make a image of my drive with the OS and programs. And thats when I swap them. Bottom line I can recover from drive fairly quickly. And have multipliable copies.

Whats cool about the NAS I also have a VPN setup to my home network and can always access the NAS with my laptop if not home.

Dropping and dragging to a external drive is great! Long as your backing up.


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5 years 2 months ago #3414 by Roy van Ommen
Roy van Ommen replied the topic: Backup software.
Hi there,

It does not really matter on what way you backup your stuff, its about that you are actually doing it.

Here is my setup.

(My studio editting machine)

Computer, has 2 SSD of 500 GB. Those mirror themselves. Then i have 4x 3TB in it which holds the same data as the SSD.

The difference is, that the SSD will load up to 50 % and then deletes old files, which doesnt matter because its on the 4x 3TB (Which are in RAID 5, so 9 TB useable).

Also, my Lightroom catalogs are daily replicated with the SSD and the 4x 3TB.

And its running incremental, so that means that every new thing on the SSD will come on the 4x 3TB, but everything which is deleted on the SSD, will not be deleted on the 4x 3TB.

The 4x 3TB replicate with SmartSync pro to my main server with SAN (Storage Area Network) which holds all operating systems running in my company.

So my 4x 3TB replicates with the SAN. If i delete a file on the 4x 3TB, the SAN will hold that file for 30 days, after that, the SAN will delete that too.

TThe SAN replicates every night with 2 servers, one at a server with SAN in my house (secure room with alarm, locks etc) and one in a datacenter here in Amsterdam.

Its quite an investment, but its worth it, lost my files 5 years ago and its still bugging me up.

So :) You can do it this way too! :)

(oh yea, i have all my files accesable through iPad, iPhone and laptop for field work, i connect to the server which is in the datacenter. I have a connection between the server in the datacenter and my editting PC in the office. When i upload files to the server, it will directly replicate with my studio PC, and after thats finished, it wil hold those files for 14 days.

Then my office PC will replicate to the SAN, which is replicating to my dataserver at home and in the datacenter. And the circle is round :))

Good luck with your backup solution.


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4 years 10 months ago #4610 by jerry
jerry replied the topic: Backup software.
I have 3 external drives, 2 of them are on my desktop for immediate backup if photos are keepers, and then those important keepers get backed up to a 3rd external drive which i keep in a fireproof safe

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