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10 Bit Monitoring

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #4821 by Brent Ross
Brent Ross created the topic: 10 Bit Monitoring
Just wanted to share my experiences with the community to help others make better purchasing decisions. I'm hoping to hear other people experiences.

In case you dont know know what bit depth does, here is bit depth in a nutshell.
1) it has nothing to do with gamut. you can run aRGB or prophoto in 8bit wonderfully.
2) Increasing bit depth, increases the number of viewable tonal steps
3) 10 bit requires a 10 bit monitor, workstation gfx card, photoshop (sorry lightroom), windows (sorry mac), and a 16bpc RGB project or higher

My experience
1)8 bit banding is cleaned up. If you are pixel peeping while you edit in 8 bit, you will notice these annoying tonal steps which can hinder your progress and plain annoy you. However, this is only helpful in edits where you are making or drastically altering gradients.

2)In my experience 99% of the time there is no perceived colour shift between having billions vs millions of colours (limitation of human eye). I have read that its more accurate when you know that you will convert to CMYK, but for the most part I notice little.
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