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Keep Shooting! Photography Assignments (04 Feb 2013)

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Custom White Balance

4 years 9 months ago - 4 years 9 months ago #3382 by Erik Ballew

This isn't really a question but, I saw in the latest "Keep shooting, Monday" 02/25/2013. Anyway, Greg said that he never uses it, and doesn't see point to. I'm not going to knock that. But I just want to put out there, that you can use it for some creative uses. I'll post a couple photos at the end here.

So for this shoot, it was Halloween time. And we wanted to do a Vampire theme. I got some of the thicker plastic folders from Wal-Mart back to school sales, and cut them to a size I could put over my off camera flash. Then I put my lens on Manual focus and covered the lens with the plastic pointing where I was going to shoot from and took a picture. Then I used that picture as my custom white balance. then put the plastic over my flash and used it at full power to get light through it.

The custom white balance changed the color of the ambient light, then the light from the flash through the plastic the camera saw as white, so I could light the subject with "White" light again. Here is some results.

*** Just need to ad that you need to shoot in .jpg to keep the coloring ***

Blue Plastic = Red Ambient

Green Plastic = Purple Ambient

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4 years 9 months ago #3394 by Mark Spooner
I use custom white balance quite a bit. Especially when doing event photography as we need to get the JPEGs from the camera to the PC onsite as near perfect as possible due to speed constraints.

Otherwise I tend to use the presets on the camera, which work well and I just tweak in LR with a shot I have taken with a grey card or ColorChecker Passport.

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4 years 9 months ago #3395 by Bill
I also use custom white balance also. I use an ExpoDisc it's normally very accurate! I'm lazy and don't like to edit that much, so it's one less step for me to have to worry about. It's very simple to use also click, set, done! The whole process is under a minute. I think I like it because I struggle with getting colors correct more then anything else. I'm sure that's due to my inexperience more then anything :blush:

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4 years 9 months ago #3396 by Conor Casey
I think i've used custom white balance once in my young career as a photographer (hey, I am only 19 so there is hope yet. :P ) I used it, as I remember, when I was shooting patterns last month with white cups and coloured water to disrupt the pattern. Auto WB, which I leave it on most of the time, was giving a very warm result so I changed it in camera to see the result.

Other than that, I leave it on auto 99% of the time because, shooting Raw, I can change it later on the computer. Even changing it to cloudy or shade on the camera is too much work because it can be so easily changed later. Plus, I would probably forget to change it back on the camera and every shot after that would be on shade. It has happened a few times with ISO too. :blush:

Just my opinion, this is what works for me personally.

Conor Casey

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