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Street Kids; Black and White Group Portrait

6 years 3 months ago #266 by Christian Udarbe
Christian Udarbe created the topic: Street Kids; Black and White Group Portrait

The Kids are Cool by Chan's Bright Ideas , on Flickr

Shooting Information:

Nikon D5000
Sigma 30mm f/1.4
Aperture Priority
1/2000th @ f/2.4
ISO 200
Flash Not Fired

Not Cropped

How I got this shot has a very nice story behind it. It goes like this:

I was at the park trying to shoot IR (you can find a post from me about my woes in IR LOL) and then some street children got interested in what I was doing. Since I can't speak the dialect just yet, I used my gestures and smiles, and some basic English, to keep them at bay. As a reward, I promised one shot of them.

You just never know what circumstances arises out in the field shooting. Always be vigilant, as my friend says, and always have smiles. Because, who knows, they may smile back and pose for you :)

A medical student;
A musician;
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