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Keep Shooting! Photography Assignments (04 Feb 2013)

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Before and After

4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #4132 by Erin
This is SOOC - clearly my settings were way off. ISO 400, 1/100, F 7.1. Wow. Way off. I took a lot of pictures and this was one of the first. I think I changed the ISO down to 100, 1/60 - 1/70 and F5

Jack closeup by nicumom22002 , on Flickr

This is after playing around with Photoshop Elements 10
I think I had the sharpening tool too high.

IMG_3969E by nicumom22002 , on Flickr

This is another shot from that day - and the mother had almost 170 likes on FB after the first hour - which was most likely just due to having cute kids and nothing to do with quality of photo.

IMG_3757E by nicumom22002 , on Flickr
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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #4135 by Roy van Ommen
Hi Erin,

At this one, again, i posted the images in your post right away from Flickr.

So, the critiques :p

First one.

Looks a bit like you've went too close with the camera so you got out of the focus distance. Maybe a little bit higher and you had everything tac sharp... somehow when i see the full image, i am like.. hmm.. looks a little off... (could be me)

Also, the eyes are editted i can see.. if this is what you were going for than its Okay. But if you shot this for the family or something like that, i think it would be better for the next time to keep the eyes as real as posibly. You can always try to get a little light at them to make them more clear, but if you have editted these eyes, they are a bit too much in my opinion.

I like the way you were going with the composition. Thinking outside the box and doing something different. +1 for that :)

Second Shot

Nice image. Yes, did too much with the sharpening tool ;) But for the next time, try to get rid from the "Dirty" material around them, so get yourself leveled at them and zoom a bit in and try not to cut body parts like heads, arms, hands. I think that would be stronger.

Thirth shot.

Already critiqued that in your other post.

Just for the record. A image is taken so the image did not failed. I only try to give my personal opinion in what you could do and what you could think about next time. Please don't get me wrong by my opinion.


See ya

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4 years 6 months ago #4143 by Erin
Roy - thanks for all the input - but the pics are a little out of order - I had one posted that was SOOC and it's not here anymore. I only do the flkr links and didn't know how to get them to show up here on the boards. But the close up of the baby was post edit - I cropped it on purpose per friends request in post edit.
Eyes: How do you edit eyes to make them more "clear?" I'm curious to learn.

2nd shot in front of barn - yes I thought about cutting off legs in the picture - and I think I do have some from a lower level.

I appreciate your opinions Roy. My feelings will never be hurt from positive feedback - I'm a Cazillion to learn from others. I appreciate your time, thanks!!

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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #4148 by Conor Casey
Hi Erin, thanks for posting. Okay, here we go! :P

First image: I quite like the idea of getting in close and getting rid of any distracting elements so well done for that. I like the soft skin too. A couple of things I would have tweaked are the highlights look a little bright to me; this is a personal thing and I would have brought the highlight slider in Camera Raw down a little. I also don't like the eyes very much. I know what you are trying to do by making them pop and the intentions are good but here, they look much too over-sharp and false.

Second Image: Move back, get down to their level and zoom in with a wide aperture - that is all. :P There are way too many distractions in the photo with the barn at the back and the plants at the sides. Remember that you are photographing the children - not the children, the barn, the plants and the kitchen sink. :P Very Irish looking children I might add. :P

Third Image: Nice shot, very sweet, natural looking pose. Again, the same as the image above - move back, zoom in and use a wider aperture to get a nice blurred background. Also, with glasses wearers, watch that there are no reflections in their glasses as there slightly appears to be here.

Thanks for sharing and keep shooting! ;)

Conor Casey
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