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Keep Shooting! Photography Assignments (04 Feb 2013)

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Opinions wanted!

4 years 2 hours ago #2992 by Bill
I was hoping to get a little input on this photo. I didn't think it would get merged with the other thread.

Stillhouse Falls by reburg_99 , on Flickr

So give me your thoughts and opinions - the good, the bad and the ugly :D

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4 years 1 hour ago #3002 by Conor Casey
Hi Bill,

I really like it. Good job. I like the composition, the colours - warm at the top and cold at the bottom where the water is and the flow of the water is just divine, perfect shutter speed.

If there is one thing I'd change, and this is nit-picking, it is the tree on the right, it is a little distracting; I am not saying eliminate it, just maybe try and take the focus away from the tree a little and more towards the waterfall. My eye wandered towards the tree first. I can see people liking the tree there though, this is a personal thing. Otherwise, it is a really good image that I really really like. Well done again! :)

Conor Casey

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3 years 11 months ago #3009 by Bill
Thank you Conor, I was thinking the same thing about the tree but wasn't sure how to make it less predominant. It's actually an 9 exposure HDR image, I've been trying new software called Enfuse(free open source) and it does a great job of blending. I was really struggling with the edit on the lower portion of the falls. It was really washed out while the upper portion looked great. I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the results. It seems like there's always another tweak! :S

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