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Help on landscape composition and post-processing

5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #3817 by Tim Shrimpton
Tim Shrimpton created the topic: Help on landscape composition and post-processing
Hey everyone!

I'm what I would call an "intermediate beginner." I've got some concepts under my belt and am trying to apply them. I manage to do that about 5% of the time. I know there's history here, but I've been using both Greg's and Jared Polin's videos and find them each to be helpful in different ways. I'm new to both communies as far as posting, but have been lurking for a while, and really appreciate all the work that goes into what these guys do, especially for people trying to get up to speed like me.

Anyway, I'm looking to produce a nice landscape photo that we can get printed and hang in our dining room, probably a 12x36. As such, I've been experimenting when I'm in an area that a landscape photo would look / work nicely. I've been using Microsoft's ICE to stitch together several portrait images to produce the landscape images.

Here is one that I took yesterday on a bike ride here on the peninsula near San Francisco (about 1/2 resolution there on flickr, not that it matters, but the full size image is about 100 MB):

04.14.2013 - 16.01.38 [SHR_1555]_stitch2 by daroga28 , on Flickr

I'm looking for any and all suggestions on what to improve, either in composition or in post processing. A basic rundown of what I did:

1. Import the RAW (what else?!) files into Lightroom
2. Worked with the shadows and highlights to bring out some detail.
3. Played with the tone to make the water and sky pop as much as they did when we were there (the RAWs, as always, were kind of muted in color straight out of the camera. Didn't take much to really make them pop).
4. Used an adjustment brush to warm up the back mountain / hill, as it a pretty cool tone to it when I was bringing out the blues in the sky/water. Looking at it again this morning, I noticed I need to warm up the hill just behind the front hill as well a bit.
5. Applied the adjustments to all 10 images.
5. Exported the full size JPGs and stitched them together in ICE.

Anyway, any constructive criticism you might have would be welcome. This is not what we'll end up printing, but a practice run at the process. I can provide the original DNG files from Lightroom too if someone wants to take a stab at cleaning this up / helping.

Slightly off topic: is there a program that is able to stitch together RAW or DNG files so that you can edit the full thing in Lightroom with all the data possible?

If it matters I'm using a Nikon D7100. These particular photos were taken with the 85mm Nikon DX Micro. Probably not the best lens for the job, but it's what I had on me.

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5 years 2 months ago #3834 by Gregory Cazillo
Gregory Cazillo replied the topic: Help on landscape composition and post-processing
This looks about as optimized as its going to get, not sure what else you can do to it.

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