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Night photography

5 years 3 months ago #3452 by jet salera
jet salera created the topic: Night photography
Just wanted a clarification, I saw a picture in the topic night photography and I seemed to not agree with the caption made. It was a wide view of the city but the exposure settings stated f2.8. Not sure if this was right. Please enlighten me. As far as I know, if you wanted everything to be sharp, especially if it was a whole city, then I would use f stops of 12 to 15. With 1/50th of a second or slower with iso 200. Hope some of you could enlighten me. Mr. Cazillo your thoughts? thanks

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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #3453 by Conor Casey
Conor Casey replied the topic: Night photography
Hello and welcome to the forums Jet. :)

I am not sure of what photo you are referring to but I think I can give a coherent answer to your question without it. Okay, so here we go.

With a wide angle lens, it is often not very important what aperture you use when shooting a wide scene. I am speaking in regard to the depth of field aspect of aperture here btw. This is because wide angles are so wide, everything will be pretty much in focus provided you are using a fast enough shutter speed and aren't sneezing when taking the shot. Therefore, the photographer here could use f/2.8 and still have everything pretty much in focus. I suspect he/she used f/2.8 here to get a shutter speed fast enough to hand hold the shot (i.e.: not use a tripod), and an ISO low enough to prevent noise in the shot.

I have never heard of f/12 or f/15 but f/11 and f/16 would also be possible here. You would use a tripod though because as you use a smaller aperture, the amount of light getting to the sensor is less and less, therefore the shutter speed would have to decrease (maybe into a few seconds.) And good luck holding the camera steady for a few seconds. :P

An example is here:

I used f/22 here because I liked the starbursts you get behind the bike in the shot and the way a 13 second exposure rendered the water. But you could have also shot this using a wider aperture and a faster shutter speed. I used a tripod.

Hope this answered the question. ;)

Conor Casey
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5 years 3 months ago #3468 by Bill
Bill replied the topic: Night photography
This might help you as well it'a an online DOF(Depth of Field) calculator. You can play with the numbers and see how different combinations of focal length and aperture combine for differing DOF.

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