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KGSR Blues on the Green - Austin, TX - 2013

6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #4508 by The Grease Man
The Grease Man created the topic: KGSR Blues on the Green - Austin, TX - 2013
the following images are from various KGSR Blues on the Green events...held every other Wednesday at Zilker Park in Austin, TX

keep in mind, I have been shooting these as a spectator behind the fencing, competing for space with iPhones & P&S people...and I've gotten better each week working with low/constantly changing light...i really need to invest in some fast glass for this type of photography, any suggestions???

Black Joe Lewis

gold-112 by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr

BlackJoeLewis-June26-404 by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr

BJLdrummer-365 by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr

The Wheeler Brothers

lead-717 by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr

yellow-764 by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr

Alpha Rev

AlphaRev-lead3 by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr

AlphaRev-redrim by ExplicitSnow , on Flickr
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