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Best way of using SAFETY SHIFT in CANON 5d MK III

4 years 7 months ago #4212 by robin saini

I am wedding / portrait photographer from INDIA and recently was told about the SAFETY SHIFT mode in Canon 5D Mark III so was super exited to use it...

To my knowledge, It works great in Av/TV mode, below are the situations where I wanted to test it.

Situation 1 :-

Indian wedding scene, bride and groom sitting on center stage under available light present in marriage hall, All of a sudden 2-3 wedding videographer's put on these huge ass continuous lights through bouncing of umbrellas/sealing walls or directly at the bride/groom (YEs, that's the reality in INDIA which traditional old wedding photographer's do),

So under such situation, I also had setting adjusted in M mode and had to every time adjust setting based on light present at scene with a constant shutter speed of 125/sec and changing the AV/ISO based on look i wish to go with.

Now twist with SAFETY SHIFT option,. What I did was

- Shot everything in Av mode,
- on 5d Mark III, under Safety Shift option choose ISO settings
- Under main menu option on 5d Mark III, selected minimun shutter speed of 125/sec when operating in AV mode.

Results :-

1. Most of the results were good as didnt have to do too much adjustments
auto ISO/shutter speed was picked up appropriately for good exposure.But in some case images were also over exposed/underexposed.

2. When I poped in flash on top of camera, i realized that even if camera was set to auto ISO, the max it would go is ISO 400 ,,,WHY ?

Also if you can tell who to best use this feature

Robin Saini

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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #4354 by xzoup
I read the manual and still got confused. I didn't want to drag my camera out at 0430 in the AM so I found this link I hope it helps.It's sort of a odd book, but it was the easiest explanation I could understand Please don't be offended.
Last Edit: 4 years 6 months ago by xzoup.

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