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Focusing Techniques

4 years 10 months ago #4388 by Bill
Bill created the topic: Focusing Techniques
So I seem to struggle with getting as sharp a focus as I would like to. I've done some testing and no surprise to me the camera seems to be functioning properly. That being said I'd like some tips and techniques for getting the sharpest images out of the camera as I can. Any ideas on how to practice as well would be great!

thanks for the help!
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4 years 10 months ago #4389 by Erik Ballew
Erik Ballew replied the topic: Focusing Techniques
Can you provide a sample maybe? There are a lot of things that can cause an image that isn't all that sharp...

What I've learned so far is to use the sweet spot of the lens as often as I can. For instance my 50mm 1.4 is really hard to get an all around crisp image with the aperture open wide. But at around f4-8 its really really sharp. So I try to use it in that range as often as possible.

Also when shooting in RAW remember that you camera does not auto sharpen like it does in .jpg. I normally ad a little sharpness in Lightroom as well.

I also try to shoot at least 100th of a second with my flash to freeze motion as much as possible.

This is an example of my 50mm 1.4 @ f4

IMG_7038 by ErikBallew , on Flickr

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4 years 9 months ago #4499 by jerry
jerry replied the topic: Focusing Techniques
there are a few things to look at. the camera moving while shooting?
2. Subject movement, is the subject moving?
3. Apeture value...f-stop will affect sharpness if to wide and to far away.
3. slow shutter speed, is your shutter fast enough?
4. Focal points...are your focal points lighting up in the correct spot?

Just a few ideas to thing about

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