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other photographers

5 years 2 weeks ago #2440 by Caleb Stewart
How should i "act" or respond when i have other photographers in my area question what i do? It doesn't seem very professional for them to be talkin down about my work when they are full time pros, schedualed out the next 3 years, and i just do it part time. the only reason i charge at all is because i need to recoup some of my cost. It just so happens that my name is getting around and folks are starting to like my work. i do charge considerably less than the other "pros" but my work seems to have just as good or better results. i tend to think they are upset for for reason that i don't charge as much and in my case they probably get more than what they pay for. but how can i justify charging as much when i don't have the experience they do.

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5 years 2 weeks ago #2444 by Gregory Cazillo
I wouldn't worry about it, just do good work and charge a fair price.

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5 years 5 days ago #2462 by Roy van Ommen
Hi there Caleb,

Like Greg said, don't worry about it. You are doing your thing and others are doing their work.

As a photographer myself i start sometimes a dialog with fellow photographers to just be nice and ask how they are doing and how the business goes. Its never bad to talk to your colleagues of photography, maybe you can help eachother at some point or maybe not.

When i am very busy, i know someone in town who is also a photographer, and i send the person to him just because i am busy and i want to help the client. And yes, i am sending away a client, but he does the same for me (i know) so yeah.. always handy ;)

So, don't worry about it. You can learn from fellow photographers.. And if you really don't know them.. its not always bad to just show off a little ;);)

Greetings and keep shooting,

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