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Do you show your client SOOC pics

4 years 9 months ago #3469 by Erin
Just curious if you show your client ALL your photos SOOC or if you photoshop or edit in some way prior to sharing with the client? If a normal package were to include X number of poses - how do you determine out of the dozens of shots you took - how do you narrow it down as to what you show the client? I hope I phrased this correctly. I know which poses I like, and which ones stand out to me...but I can't imagine the time it would take to edit/tweak every single shot prior to showing the customer.

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4 years 9 months ago - 4 years 9 months ago #3472 by Robert Butler
*EDIT*- After reading your post again I realized I never talked about what you really asked, if I am doing say a senior portrait session. I first off usually do it by time say an hour or two hour sitting and do not promise X number of images. Then if there is time and the situation to do so I will load them onto my laptop there and go through them and flag our favorites. I try not to take any more frames of a particular pose/shot than is necessary to achieve it then move on while some I know tend to overshoot the same pose many times giving them 10 choices of the same exact image which makes it twice as long and twice as hard to settle on finals.

This all depends on the type of shoot I am doing. If I am working with one or a few clients I will usually show them an image or two on the back of the camera during the shoot, I feel it can help get an uncomfortable model more comfortable, it can really act as a confidence booster if you show them a really kick ass image of themselves while they are having the session done. After the shoot again it really depends a lot on the circumstances, if it was someone who wanted them for prints or their own use or needed them right away I will usually throw them onto my laptop right there and flag our favorites and only focus on editing them at first and just look through the rest for ones we may have missed also this goes without saying that its understood you will have the time to do so. I have even done this after a bike race for a few people to make sales so it helps to be able to have something to show if you show up at an event to take photos. I do a lot of motocross and racing work so something like that I will just take them home and edit the ones I think came out good and try and find the people that they are of if they don't ask me. Something like a sweet sixteen or wedding or a formal event of the sort I would again use it as a confidence boost for a shy model if needed but besides that I would take them home, load them in lightroom and flag all the ones that made the cut for just being good enough and edit them. Usually over four hours I would take 250-350 images so I know I would have at least hopefully 75 images that are sellable, sometimes you will walk away with the majority of the shots being better, others not so much depending on your skill and just how active and outgoing your models are.

soooo tl;dr I do not see anything wrong with showing a client SOOC images at any point in time during the process. It does not scare me that they will be turned off by the images they see but I also try to wait until there is a frame worth capturing in my viewfinder (some not so much) so it really comes down to how you feel about it cause I am sure others opinions will vary from mine.

I did work at a horrible generic photo studio for about a year (a few years ago) where we shot tethered so the images went straight to the computer for the guests to see as they were taken and we had to sell them without any editing (except making some of their multi image things and black and white) but regardless of that I don't think my outlook on this would be any different.
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Pickup your Photography Tshirt today
4 years 9 months ago #3473 by Erin
Thanks for the info Robert. I usually photo families and kids. I usually take 200 photos in one hour - as I shoot almost non-stop as we pose and change pose, walk to a different spot, etc. As the years have gone by (and thanks to our very own Greg...) - I have learned so much more and am gradually learning about how to edit. Our local photographers offer about 6 poses for one price - and this gets me thinking about my own business which I'd like to start this summer. I like your idea of showing them one on location that will really give them confidence. Thanks for your advice!

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4 years 5 months ago #4498 by jerry
I feel you can't show your clients SOOC shots, they must be edited. As far as which to choose, you have to choose your best ones, if they are blurry, they have to get dumped. after that, then you can show them your basic edits. Depending on the amount of photos sometimes I will do wpecial edits, sometimes I will have them pick the ones they like the show them special edits of those (bliack/white, Selective color, things like that) Then they pick the sizes and photos they want

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4 years 5 months ago #4501 by Erik Ballew
I would be too afraid of the client choosing a photo that isn't in focus or something else I couldn't stand to see.

So I make sure the only ones I show are the ones I deem as keepers. They can choose from them.

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4 years 5 months ago #4503 by jerry
I agree, pick the best of the best as they say

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4 years 5 months ago #4510 by Conor Casey
Agree with Erik, I would rather control what they pick - ie: choose from a list of photos chosen by me - rather than seeing them pick something I hated.

Showing a shot straight out of camera is like hanging a half finished painting up in an art gallery in my opinion.

Conor Casey

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