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Wedding guests with cameras from hell!

3 years 7 months ago #5879 by Paula
I have just finished shooting my second wedding. I'm not a professional yet, and I only did these weddings because the girls photographers dropped out at the last minute. I knew that they would at least get some solid pictures from me, if not fancy wedding pics.

I am confused as to how any professional wedding photographer gets any shots nowdays! At both weddings I was shocked by the amount of rude guests who think they can shove the main photographer aside to get their Iphone pics.

I missed the cake smash at the first wedding because I didn't expect to be attacked by people rushing up to take pictures. The second one I was prepared but was almost shoved into a wall. Thank goodness there were some mirrors so I got to get some ok pictures.

Whenever I stepped forward to help pose and would step back, there would be the same lady taking my place each time. As soon as I moved she would take my place with her cheaply made old film camera, cranking that little wheel for all that it was worth. Since I am shooting for free, why in the world would everybody want a copy of the same exact picture I am taking? And pay for a dozen rolls of film to be developed as well?

Is there a way to tactfully handle this kind of situation? It is enough to make me not want to do ever do another wedding!

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3 years 7 months ago #5880 by Mistery
Sorry to hear all the problems. Did people know you were the primary photographer? That is the first thing that everyone must know. Tell them that you get to go first and after your done that they can take all the pictures they want.

That is how I normally do things, if people start pushing me around I’ll talk to the bride and groom and have them talk to the person, that way you don’t come across as the bad guy/gal.

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3 years 7 months ago #5882 by jerry
You should have had the bride and groom introduce you at dinner time and have them tell everyone to stay out of your way, after all they are paying you. Or you just be assertive and walk in front of them and tell them sorry, i am the photographer and I'm getting paid.

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