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Hello From San Diego

5 years 5 months ago #2602 by Anna
Anna created the topic: Hello From San Diego
Hi guys! :) My name is Anna. I'm an amateur photographer, and that's an overstatement! At least for the moment. I hope you're all ready to hear my aspirations and business plan! ;)

I'm 18 and aspiring to get into the business of Wedding Photography. I have a friend in the business and she will be letting be shadow her and attend bridal bazaars with her. In the next week I will begin editing some of her photos from previous weddings. I hope to shadow her/ be a second shooting with her for approximately four or five weddings before moving on to find another photographer to learn from. I hope to get as many perspectives as possible while I develop my own style.

Next semester I plan to start taking a few photography classes. Within the next few months I also hope to take as many workshops and other online courses I can get my hands on. I actually found this site by watching some of Greg's videos on Youtube (they're great by the way!).

After I've shadowed between fifteen and twenty weddings, I plan on going off into my own business. It's definitely a very quick path, and I realize I can only succeed in following it with hard work. Hard work is exactly what I plan to do. I won't start expensive (obviously), but I'm already starting to think of starting pricing for each event/engagement shoot as well as how much the price will go up until I plateau.

ANYWHO, I've got tons of questions for all the experienced photographers... I just need to figure out where to appropriately post them as they don't quite fall into very specific categories.

I only have a measly digital camera but I'm saving up to get a nicer quality digital camera soon. Suggestions would be great! ;)

Thanks all!

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5 years 5 months ago #2603 by Conor Casey
Conor Casey replied the topic: Hello From San Diego
A warm welcome to the forums Anna. :)

That sure sounds like an interesting plan you have there. Good luck with it. Any advise I can give you is simply to ask lots of questions, that is how we all learn. Wedding photography is a very tough subject and something that, I, as an amateur wouldn't dream of attempting. You are definitely right to go and watch how the pros do it. Also, don't be so hasty to finish watching the pros and go on your own; as I said, wedding photography is tough and if it were me, I would want as much training from the ones who do it that I could get!

I am sure you have checked out these two videos:

I hope you have checked out Greg's wedding photography checklist too? Very useful if you are shooting weddings. ;)

Great to see you have questions, we love questions here! :P Regarding where to post them, don't be overly concerned about where to post them. If you get it wrong, it is no big deal, they can be moved.

Anyway, welcome again and I look forward to trying to answer any questions you have. :)

Conor Casey

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Pickup your Photography Tshirt today
5 years 5 months ago #2609 by Gregory Cazillo
Gregory Cazillo replied the topic: Hello From San Diego
Hi Anna, the best thing you can do at a young age in photography is go to school. Learning from someone is great & thats how I started, but getting the vast knowledge you need to be a pro for the rest of your life requires formal education IMO.

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5 years 5 months ago #2636 by Roy van Ommen
Roy van Ommen replied the topic: Hello From San Diego
Hi Anna!

Welcome to the forums!

You are a young person. Try to catch some photography lessons to catch the theory about photography. I think its a foundation to succes in Photography.

True, you can learn A LOT by doing it, learning it from someone who is in the business. But if you had some school, you can communicate in the same "language" as the person who you are learning from.

Photography is so much more than just taking a picture. And wedding photography is, in my opinion, the most difficult part of photography.

Good luck on your journey. Do you have already some images to show? Even as they are taken with a normal compact (grab and go) digital camera?

Greetings, and good luck in here,

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5 years 3 months ago #3390 by HolderCandy
HolderCandy replied the topic: Hello From San Diego
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