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Hello from Germany

5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #2605 by Jens
Jens created the topic: Hello from Germany

I am a hobbyist photographer from germany.

I watched and learned alot of your videos. And finally registered here.

My main areas are Landscape, Macro (and occasionally architecture) photography.

Sadly i life in an area that has a "real" winter, where trees and flowers etc. die and the light outside is at least 95% of the time unuseable (especially if you consider that i have a "dayjob")

So my photography activities come pretty much to a hold from about end of October til end of March at least...
Because my main motivation comes from discovering an subjectively nice looking scenery (without the camera) and then trying to capture it as good as i can in a photo.
In other words... when i walk around (outside) and do not go "Ohh wow that looks good" etc. I do not really get motivated to take a picture eigther.
So the battery of my camera hasnt been charged since tow month.

Which is kind of sad, because in summer time i was thinking of upgrading my D300 to a D800... now i think it might be a waste of money.

In anycase... if you guys have any ideas on how to get motivated as a landscape/macro (living objects) photographer in winter, i would be happy to here it.

P.S: TapTalk gets offered, but does not seem to work atm ;)
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5 years 3 weeks ago #2606 by Conor Casey
Conor Casey replied the topic: Hello from Germany
Someone from Germany! :cheer: A chance to test my German! :whistle: :P

Herzlich Willkommen Jens! :D Ich heiße Conor und ich komme aus Irland. Ich studiere Deutsch an der Universität.

Anyway, you have pretty much just described the problem I have been having. I love landscape photography but the Winter months here in Ireland are long, dark, wet and cold. Not at all great for photography. We occasionally get snow which is great for photography but most of the time we get cold, wet Winters with not a lot of light.

You could always shoot Winter berries and flowers (they do exist, you just have to look hard enough) such in the snow or frost for macro. Personally, I find dawn the best time to shoot in the Winter. Here there is usually frost on the ground and sometimes mist and fog. Plus, dawn in Winter is like 08:00 which is a refreshing break from the 04:00 start in Summer. :P Have you tried long exposures for landscapes at night? Just wrap up well. If you live in a city, you could try something with light trails like this:

Or if you live rural, rural landscapes of star trails look great too. You could try light painting as well? If you have or get a 10 stop ND filter, you could try out lovely black and white long exposures too like these:

Plus, if none of the above interests you, you can always leave the post processing to Winter. :P

Hope this helped. :) I never knew I had so many ideas, I'll have to try these out myself.

Conor Casey

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5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #2607 by Jens
Jens replied the topic: Hello from Germany
Hi and thanks for your reply Conor.

Long exposure / Night photography is actually something i do find very interesting.

I already made one or two trails in the summer.

Thing is: If I do this i will only do it with low ISO (>200).
I have looked at alot of long exposures, light painting etc. photos and even with the cameras getting better and better @ high ISO, i do not like them. To grainy. All the night time photos i do like (and that have info with them) have been shot at very low ISO.

With this in mind long exposure could mean exposing for over 30 mins. (Ok maybe on a full moon you can get results with under 30min.)

And because in my experience this is alot of trail and error, it may take alot of tries.
So you potentially standing in the freezing cold for the better part of the night... :(
(Btw. Does anyone know if operating a camarea ,for a prolonged period, in temperatures below the freezing point is harmful to the camera itself. I think at least the Battery might not like it..)

That is unless their is somewhere some lightmeter that is sensitive enough and could calculate the exposure time at a given ISO and f-stop. But i couldn't find any. The only thing i found are tables with guidelines... That tell you something like On a full moon, with f8 and ISO 200 exposure is somewhere around XX mins.
But thats just a guideline... that doesnt take other light sources, cloud coverage etc. into account.

In any case: In general a good idea. Still the prospect of being in the cold for hours kind of dampens the motivation a bit.
Still, thank you for the reminder! I certainly will give it another couple of tries on a night that is at least above 0 degree.

P.S. Every1 who tries this i can only recommend to make sure their wont be any rain... It s very very annoying if you, after several tries, finally thing you have the right exposure time... only to be stoped by rain with only a couple of mins left on the last, hopefully golden, exposure.
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5 years 3 weeks ago #2611 by Gregory Cazillo
Gregory Cazillo replied the topic: Hello from Germany
Tapatalk has been fixed, thanks!

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5 years 3 weeks ago #2632 by Erik Ballew
Erik Ballew replied the topic: Hello from Germany
Have you thought about getting into long exposure photography during the winter months? Or even light painting? Both are beautiful forms of photography and can be done at night.

Anyway these are a couple of thoughts I had, good shooting!

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5 years 3 weeks ago #2635 by Roy van Ommen
Roy van Ommen replied the topic: Hello from Germany
I restored your post Erik Ballew,
it was a good post :)

Welcome to the forums!

I think everything has been said. I personally take the shooting inside the house during the winter. Its always cloudy in Holland so that won't work with my style of taking images. :)

Have fun in here!


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