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Flickr Question

4 years 1 week ago #4560 by Conor Casey
Hi everyone,

So I was looking around Flickr a little while ago after uploading an image and noticed something that really bugged me and I want to get people's reaction.

After uploading the shot, I right-clicked on the image viewed the original file. After doing this, I noticed I could also download the original file. At first I thought this was a nice feature, but after closer inspection, I discovered that not only me, but anyone who came across my page could also download any or all of my high-resolution files for free - naturally I was shocked at this and quickly rectified the situation.

My problem is that I never remember giving Flickr any permission to allow my files to be downloaded by Joe Soap in the first place; it seems to me that it's the default setting. My question is, has anyone else noticed this on their accounts? If so, I have a serious problem with this - what right does Flickr have to say that everyone who views my page also has the automatic right to download my original files? The default setting for this should be that your files are protected - something which Flickr try their hardest to advocate. Considering that I only noticed this by accident makes it all the more shocking to me.


Conor Casey

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4 years 1 week ago #4564 by Erik Ballew
Mine was set to the same thing. While I don't mind, it's still kinda lame to have the default set to give everything away.

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4 years 6 days ago #4611 by jerry
the only thing you can do, and probably not a good thing to do at the same time, put a bunch of watermarks on it just noticable enough to make a person have to really work along time to remove them..or upload very low res images

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4 years 6 days ago #4614 by Jim St Croix
I took away the original file size as an option for the public. You still get up to 2048 but not the original. You can reduce that in image size settings to as low as 1024.
Only I have access to the original size.I also made them ALL RIGHTS RESERVED as anything else seems to let people do what they want with your images.

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