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Starting online Photo Club - suggestions needed

3 years 8 months ago #5835 by Brian Elam
I am in need of some serious direction for starting a low-profile photo group for my local area in Siberia, Russia!
What I envision is a web-based group, with an interface that is a cross between G+ and a blog and a forum...the ability to upload and discuss pics, but also some ability to have separate (pages? threads? forum?) for themes such as local photo-walk locations, gear, technical talk, trip planning, etc… The key will be small community interactivity, as opposed to single user blog or static web-page. I do want local meet-ups to be regular, yet the ability to review and critique photos and share ideas and locations would be the backbone of the daily club.
I could really use some help! I have researched quite a bit on-line but am unable to come up with the best solutions and the "why?" it would be best.
Thanks in advance!

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3 years 8 months ago #5839 by Brent Ross
- Get friends together
- get them to get their frends together
- make a facebook page
- organize events through facebook
- when it grows large enough 20+, maybe start a squarespace website

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