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Nikon D7100?

5 years 7 months ago #2451 by Christian Udarbe
Christian Udarbe created the topic: Nikon D7100?
Do you think Nikon will release one more camera this year to replace the D7000?

I ask this because I feel the limitations of my current body and am thinking selling it and add just a few more cash to upgrade to a D7000; however if there is a replacement for D7000, aptly named, D7100, I might lean towards that.

Still though, even with that said, if a D7100 does come out on a hefty price tag even on a body alone (I don't need the kit lens since I already got lenses that I love), would it be wiser to get the 2 year older D7000 for a smart price? AKA less than a thousand dollars?

I won't be upgrading til January of February next year, but its nice to plan this one ahead of time...

Thanks for your thoughts!

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5 years 7 months ago #2452 by Conor Casey
Conor Casey replied the topic: Re: Nikon D7100?
Hi Christian,

How are you? Nice to hear you are looking to upgrade your camera. Regarding the D7000, I personally can see a replacement coming soon. D80 was released in 2006, the D90 in 2008 and the D7000 in 2010 so it would seem like a logical process to release the D7100 now. However, I think it will be a small upgrade of things under the hood as opposed to the big upgrade we saw from the D90 to the D7000 a few years ago. Here is an article I found about it:

Regarding whether you should wait for it, I wouldn't. The D7000 is still a brilliant camera and is still desired by many. You said you were waiting until January or February and that's fine but if it isn't released by then, I'd go with the D7000.

Hope this helped. :)

Conor Casey

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5 years 7 months ago #2454 by Gregory Cazillo
Gregory Cazillo replied the topic: Re: Nikon D7100?
The D7000 is a consumer body so pricing for a replacement should be close to the same as when the D7k came out. I would say there is also a good chance of kit only just like the 7k when it was first released.

Best advice on cameras is buy the best you can when you are ready to buy, but don't neglect lenses as they should last you at least 2 maybe 3 bodies.

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