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First FX advice

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  • Pro-thusiast photographer in SW Connecticut specializing in youth sports, landscapes, portraiture and pet photography. Principal photographer for Trinity College Bantams Football, Masuk High Shool Cheer.
6 years 9 months ago #2945 by Greg S
Greg S created the topic: First FX advice
For no 100% logical reason, I'm feeling the push to FX. I am a "prothusiast" looking to build up skills and become part-time pro. I am currently shooting HS, Cheer and College sports. I am beginning to build up my portraiture and off-camera flash skills.

my Main body is a d7k, and I love it. I will only lose 1 lens in the transition from DX.

I would like some advice and (kind) criticism for my current quandry on which bodies to buy.

FPS (for sports,
I am not a spray-and-pray type but I'd like the shutter to be
there when I need it)
NOT a pixel-whore,
12mp is just fine by me (I'll take the extra but I'm not printing
Used is ok -
it's served me well with my other bodies

$$$ limitation - $2600
(i have to set a limit somewhere- I'm already over the initial
$1600 limit!! lol)

I'm not camped out on the following observations, otherwise I would ask your input. this is just my current thinking...

Great camera - slow shutter speed 4fps is a slight turnoff

almost bought this one, till i realized the 39 focus points don't even cover the whole frame.. won't work for sports. this and the dust-issue makes this a no-go

current fav, age is a minor concern..

I can get into the regular d3, in my price range, don't know enough about it yet.
I THINK the d700 is a cram/cheap out of the D3. I'd love to jump up to the d3s/d3x. but really I have to stop the price-escalation madness

Again- just my thoughts- I appreciate any insight or advice.

"Choose Love"

We are Sandy Hook and We CHOOSE Love..

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6 years 9 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #2961 by Mistery
Mistery replied the topic: First FX advice
The D3/D700 is basically the same camera, just that the D700 is of course the smaller body. The only main advantage of owning the D3 is when it comes to sports, buffer is bigger and it shoots faster.

For the D700 to shoot 8 fps you'll need to buy the grip and either use eight AA batteries, which don't last long or buy the D3 battery and use it, but you also need the special holder as well.

I personally own the D700 w/grip and the extra big battery. I love that I can shoot forever and if I need to I can remove the grip to go smaller.

How much of a price difference will there be between the D3 and D700 with everything else needed?

D800 w/grip, D700 w/grip,V1,14-24mm F/2.8, 24-70mm F/2.8, 70-200mm F/2.8, 200-400mm F/4, 105mm,F/2.8,35mm F/1.4,35mm F/1.8, 85mm F/1.4,1.7x Tele
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