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Canon 10-22

6 years 1 month ago #1428 by Clair
Clair created the topic: Canon 10-22
Hi, I'm looking to buy a new lens for landscape photography, I'm thinking of the 10-22mm BUT it's not an 'L' series lens?..It gets some good reviews but will I regret buying a non-L..?? some people have said it can be a little soft?..does anyone on here have one?..

I'll be using it on my 7D which i'm not looking to upgrade to FF anytime soon so that won't be any issue.

The other option I have is to get the 17-40L but would this be wide enough for landscape on my cropped body? as I already have the 24-70 the overlap seems too much.


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6 years 1 month ago #1432 by Scott St.Cyr
Scott St.Cyr replied the topic: Re: Canon 10-22
I've shot landscapes with my 70-200 @ 200mm. It's all situational. 17 should be plenty wide enough even on a cropped sensor. It all comes down to what you're shooting. You will have more flexibility with the 17-40, but 10-22 is definitely wider. I'm all about wide shots, but I've had to do without my 8-16 Sigma since the focus motor went out and I don't have it anymore. I've been using my 24-70 (on a FF body), and it's been perfectly fine. Either way, I think you'll be OK.


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