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Move from DX to FX - Just Being an Amateur

5 years 3 months ago #2218 by Larry
I like your discussion on upgrading your DSLR. I would like to hear your thoughts on moving from DX to FX. I am speaking from the standpoint of being a enthusiast not doing photography as a profession. I have a Nikon D90 and I am thinking about buying a FX camera. The lenses that I purchased, except for the kit lens which I got with the camera, are FX lenses. This dovetails to your discussion on buying better quality lenses. I am semi retired and I am doing photography as a hobby. I started out doing photo editing via iPhoto and Elements 9 and recently moved to Lightroom 4. And wow, what a difference in what one can do in the photo editing. I am further enthused by the prospect of Nikon introducing the D600. Which would appear, given the expected price, to be more palatable price wise than doing the D800.

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5 years 3 months ago #2220 by Mistery
If you already have the glass I see no reason not to move up to's usually not the cost of the body, but the cost of the glass that prevents someone from upgrading.

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Pickup your Photography Tshirt today
5 years 3 months ago #2228 by Roy van Ommen
Hi there!

Welcome to the forum.

Its true people are talking about "Upgrading".

I have another vision on that. And i am really, really curious about something.

You say you are a "Amateur..." so that means you are not shooting professionally or not even for money.

Is the D90 which you have, causing you trouble, or do you miss things on that camera?

If yes, what is the thing which you are missing?

If No, well, than in that case it will be a waste of money. I will not say that the full frame camera are not good. But what i do say is master your equipment. You have FX glass which is called pro glass, now its time to move up from amateur to experienced.. or maybe even higher..

If you are making money out of it, then you should consider buying a D800 or something like that. If you con't miss a thing on your D90, but you think it looks good on your flickr profile, or when you are holding it your hands and other photographers look at it and say: "wauw.. a D800".. then.. just stick to your D90 untill the capabilities are behind..

On the otherside. If you have more than enough money to throw it away, then a D800 will be your friend ;)


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5 years 3 months ago #2232 by Larry

Thanks for the welcome.

Regarding your inquiry on me being an Amateur, I do not shoot professionally and I do not get paid for my pictures. I just really enjoy taking pictures. I say pictures because as I see from reviewing a lot of photos I have really only been taking pictures. I am striding to take photos and get away from snapshots.

I feel I have really grown using my D90. I like the camera a lot. It is a great camera. I do see myself growing further using it. The only thing I see myself missing is full frame and the larger sensor. Thus I do agree with your comment 'master your equipment', damn good advise. And that is what I am focusing on. Your comment does make me stop and think that maybe I should explore my DX more.

I agree that if I were making money in photography the D800 would make sense. My ego is not at the level of having others say 'whoa' he's got a D800. LOL. Heck, I am not on Flickr. I just enjoy doing this. Thus the D600 seems to be that stopgap for those who want to go full frame at half the price.

Again, thanks for your comment. And I will keep shooting and practicing with my D90.

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