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How do I keep my gear dry?

5 years 1 month ago #2338 by Christina
I'm traveling to Peru for two weeks and part of the trip includes the Amazon rain forest, where I expect it to rain. Being from Arizona where rain is practically non-existent, I have no idea how to keep my gear dry. Lenses not being used I will keep in a zip lock bag and hopefully locate some silicone packs to throw in with the lens. What do I do with the camera while I'm trying to take pictures? If it matters, it is a Canon rebel T3I.

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5 years 1 month ago #2339 by Roy van Ommen
Hi Christina,

Welcome to the forums :)

At first a weather sealed bag. Very important. Try to inform at the camaera store which bag is weather seald for a rain forest.

Your camera is NOT water proof. So a single drop can ruin it all. You have special rain cloth for over your complete set with a filter on it which you can screw on your lens, so it stays dry when you are holding it.. but i do not rely on that... Thats why i bought the 5d mkII which gives me weather sealing so i can take it without risk outside.

Good luck on it. :)

Have a nice trip.


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Pickup your Photography Tshirt today
5 years 1 month ago #2342 by Bill
I recently picked one of these up.

I've not had the opportunity to try it out yet. It's simple to use and looks like it would do a good job protecting the gear. The one knock people had against it was the plastic would fog up. I have lens cleaner that has anti-fog in it. I was going to try on it and see if that resolved the issue.


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