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Monitors for Photo editing

3 years 6 days ago - 3 years 6 days ago #5594 by Anurag Tewari
Can you comment on choosing a right IPS monitor for editing. I am stuck between two dell models P2414H ( £180) and U2413 (£380). The first one is cheap but not colour calibrated ( but I can by a Xrite calibrator for £140), while the second one is 100% SRGB , 10 bit and also colour calibrated but costly. My Question is that I dont have a 10 bit system and I just click portraits in studio, which one would be the best bargain for me.
Just for reference, I use a Nikon D7000 and shoot portraits of my daughter at home using three 300 watt Interfit flash heads.
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3 years 5 days ago - 3 years 5 days ago #5602 by Brent Ross
lightroom 5 doesn't support 10bit. It instead uses 8 bit + dithering which is fine.
10 bit is only useful in Photoshop for maybe 5% of the stuff you may work on. Things with gradual gradients.

Editing in 10 bit also means you need a supported gfx card (quadro or firepro). These cards are balls to the wall expensive.

I'd say as a starting monitor go for an IPS sRGB monitor and get a color munki or something

when you start to make some money, then you can get a wide gamut NEC or DELL. If you are in lightroom, forget about a 10 bit setup. I personally have a ten bit setup and its not worth the money the quadro costs, unless you are a gfx designer. In that case fine gradient accuracy is paramount.
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