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A way to look at potential HDR images onsite

4 years 2 months ago #5740 by jerry
jerry created the topic: A way to look at potential HDR images onsite
I have found a pretty weird way to tell if i will get a decent HDR image before I shoot it.
Do you have those little 2 or 3 inch blind side mirrors that you purchase in a store and stick them on your regular mirrors? Have you ever looked at it and notice how much more vibrant your colors are and have you ever noticed especially with a contrasty sky, how much better the sky looks in those blind side mirrors than your regular mirrors?

They do show more of a HDR look. Well with the mirrors i put on mine have this effect. I've had these mirrors on my car for along time, and about 2 years ago or so, i noticed the differences. Will it help you with your photography, I doubt it, but just thought I would share.

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