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A possible topic for you (Greg) to talk about

3 years 2 months ago #5561 by jerry

On another photo site I goto, alot of people hate or don't believe in watermarking images to promote themselves or their business and to try and protect images. Any decent photoshoper can probably clone out a watermark. Me, I don't have an issue with them if its done right (meaning smaller, in a corner and doesn't detract from an image).

What is your take on watermarking? I know you did a video awhile back on it, atleast I think I remember you did.

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #5564 by Brent Ross
I never watermark my images, I find when displaying photos side by side, the watermark turns into a very annoying repeating pattern. I do however watermark over the entire image when sharing samples for clients to choose from.

I dont use watermarks on my portfolio

If somebody is going to steal my image, they will find a way, with or without watermarks
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