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Keep Shooting! Photography Assignments (04 Feb 2013)

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Kids in a flash.

5 years 3 months ago #2026 by Christian Lindblom
Hello again. Took a couple of photos of the kids last night. I realise how tricky it is to instruct kids, could have been the late hour. Cool how Greg just sniped that kid from a far recently and got amazing results. I am not Greg... Would appreciate your input in these pics. Thanks!


Turning 5 is this fun by mreastwood , on Flickr
Olivia, the night before her birthday.
Nikon D3100 (newbie camera but still awesome)
Tamron 70-300mm VC at 85mm

SB-80DX camera right and high with collapsed reflective brolly
SB-26 behind the child to "nuke" background.
Subject 1 m from background.

Why so serious 2 by mreastwood , on Flickr
Same child. Same moment. Just so very different expressions.

Same setup as above. More power to background light though...

Sad face. by mreastwood , on Flickr
Edvin, the bigger brother. He kinda hoped there would be a present for him as well. There wasn´t.

Single flash setup up high with 80 cm snoot. No grid.

All my photos above are done at 1/160 s shutter speed. It says in the manual that my cameras syncspeed is 1/200 sec, sometimes it gives me a black edge, easy to crop out but irritating. So I stay at 1/160 when not wanting any ambient light in the shot.

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5 years 3 months ago #2028 by Roy van Ommen
Hi there :)

Well. I really don't know how to "Critique" them. I think they look great and you used the right settings. I see some vignetting in the images, but i think thats combination of lens choice and availble light.

Good shots :) Very funny that this child has so many expressions and willing to show them in front of the camera.

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5 years 3 months ago #2031 by Christian Lindblom
Hey again Roy and thanks for the kind words. The Vingette is actually added in Lightroom. Too much can be aweful but just a tad makes an interesting photo more interesting.Like eye brightening just a little is beautiful, just a fraction too much and...VAMPIRE!

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