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TOPIC: Kids in a flash.

Kids in a flash. 4 years 4 months ago #2026

Hello again. Took a couple of photos of the kids last night. I realise how tricky it is to instruct kids, could have been the late hour. Cool how Greg just sniped that kid from a far recently and got amazing results. I am not Greg... Would appreciate your input in these pics. Thanks!


Turning 5 is this fun by mreastwood, on Flickr
Olivia, the night before her birthday.
Nikon D3100 (newbie camera but still awesome)
Tamron 70-300mm VC at 85mm

SB-80DX camera right and high with collapsed reflective brolly
SB-26 behind the child to "nuke" background.
Subject 1 m from background.

Why so serious 2 by mreastwood, on Flickr
Same child. Same moment. Just so very different expressions.

Same setup as above. More power to background light though...

Sad face. by mreastwood, on Flickr
Edvin, the bigger brother. He kinda hoped there would be a present for him as well. There wasn´t.

Single flash setup up high with 80 cm snoot. No grid.

All my photos above are done at 1/160 s shutter speed. It says in the manual that my cameras syncspeed is 1/200 sec, sometimes it gives me a black edge, easy to crop out but irritating. So I stay at 1/160 when not wanting any ambient light in the shot.
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Re: Kids in a flash. 4 years 4 months ago #2028

  • Roy van Ommen
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Hi there :)

Well. I really don't know how to "Critique" them. I think they look great and you used the right settings. I see some vignetting in the images, but i think thats combination of lens choice and availble light.

Good shots :) Very funny that this child has so many expressions and willing to show them in front of the camera.

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Re: Kids in a flash. 4 years 4 months ago #2031

Hey again Roy and thanks for the kind words. The Vingette is actually added in Lightroom. Too much can be aweful but just a tad makes an interesting photo more interesting.Like eye brightening just a little is beautiful, just a fraction too much and...VAMPIRE!
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