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Studio portrait (camera again) --Video--

6 years 4 weeks ago - 6 years 4 weeks ago #1253 by Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson created the topic: Studio portrait (camera again) --Video--
Hello everyone.

My school recently got a new camera for the photo department, it is a PhaseOne IQ140!

It is the PhaseOne/Mamiya 645DF body teamed with the IQ140 digital back and an 80mm f/2.8 LS and 120mm f/4 macro Mamiya/Schneider Kreuznach lenses. It is 40 megapixels and 16 bit color goodness. I shot tethered to Capture One (PhaseOne's software) and it is a really good all around capture, edit, and exporting program, and has lots of things I wish lightroom had.

First image is a simple portrait of the camera, assignment was to shoot an object you love, and of course I had to shoot the Rolleiflex.

1/125 at f/11

ISO 50

120mm f/4 macro

PhotoGenic strobe camera right 45° angle, with medium soft box set to 1/8 power on a white sweep.

Second image:

1/125 at f/16

ISO 50

120mm f/4 macro

One PhotoGenic strobe (1/8 power) camera right 45° angle with a black flag to add a gradient to the background. This time I changed to a grey background and placed a piece of black/smoked glass under neath to create a nice reflection.

Third image:

1/125 at f/4.5

ISO 50

120mm f/4 macro

I changed from a soft box to a grid spot and diffuser on the main light (1/16 power), and used the same glass and background, I just added another strobe (set to 1/32 power) underneath (with a grid spot) the table pointing up at the background to create a nice halo effect and to separate it from the background.

Any comments and criticism are welcome.

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6 years 4 weeks ago #1255 by Christian Udarbe
Christian Udarbe replied the topic: Re: Studio portrait (camera again) --Video--
The second photo is my favorite; love the lighting on it... really soft, but that's why they call it a softbox now isn't it? :lol:

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