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setting exposure for sports

6 years 3 months ago #1202 by Gregory Cazillo
Gregory Cazillo created the topic: setting exposure for sports
caesar09 what would you do in a situation like this.

sometimes i shoot sports and the lights sources all over the gymnasium are different. sometimes i leave it on auto iso so that my next picture isn't underexposed.

i meter for the one scene but the next picture is metered differently then my photos are either under or overexposed.

what should i do in those situations?

@caesar09 I would get an initial idea of middle of the range exposure, say 1/250th iso 1600 at f4. Then switch to aperture priority and bump up my iso to 3200. The camera will vary the shutter speed from say 1/500th to 1/125 which should stop most action. If you have a lot of really fast action then raise your iso higher so your shutter speed stays higher. I'll add this to my list of video requests.

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