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Wedding Photography

5 years 4 months ago #3033 by David
David created the topic: Wedding Photography
Talk about how you organize, upload and handle images once you get back from a wedding shot. Also any tricks of the trade or special actions/brushes/filters you have set up and use in editing wedding images.


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4 years 2 months ago #5814 by kashif
kashif replied the topic: Wedding Photography
I am new user from this topic and i want to suggestion about wedding photographer...

thank you.....

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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #5816 by jerry
jerry replied the topic: Wedding Photography
Im not a wedding photographer, well I did one as a 2nd shooter.But I think the workflow is the same for any thing. This is mine. Be sure to turn your camera to RAW shooting.

1. Load the photos on desktop of course, but don't delete the photos from the card yet, mite be a good idea to do a backup or 2 right away. Better to be safe than sorry.

2. Then I will go through the photos and delete the ones that I don't want, (to blurry, bad exposures, things of that sort). I may take a few days to do this process depending on how many photos you have.

3. I then will use adobe bridge or aperture 3 to batch rename my files. I'll usually use a particular name (say for a wedding, the couples last name then 3 digits..example would be Jones001). Batch renaming will automatically use consecutive numbering. Just using the cameras file name to me is just to basic. Custom file names are more personalized in my mind. For a large number of images i'll use Aperture 3 for basic editing (Aperture is just a better workflow software than photoshop)and it will also allow me to open images in photoshop and further edit and it will save it back to aperture as a new version.

4. Then of course the fun part of editing, I'll do all basic editing to kept photos. Whenever all basic editing is done, i'll then go do more "special" editing, say black and whites, sepia, selective color, add borders...etc. All other special edits I do I will rename them, so if I have Jones001, I'll name the new edit Jones001a, so on and so forth (Aperture will automatically rename new versions)

5. Then I will create a contact sheet of all those finished images and either have the client come over and look at them or I'll send that contact sheet to them via email with those custom names included.

6. I tell them to choose the photos they like, just tell me the file name (well, just the number) and also the size(s) they want for that particular image. I also tell them that the composition may change some depending on the size they want. (This is an area I should look at (I should crop to 11x14 to give them a better idea.

7. When I receive that info back, I will go ahead and crop to their desired size. Then I'll either order the prints for them or put them on dvd if they prefer.

Of course I'll do backups after every day I work on the images, wouldn't want to start over.

As far as actions go, I did create a watermark action, I also created actions for borders. If I feel a photo would look good with a sloppy border, i select that action, it will place that border on a separate layer and then I can play with blending modes. And again, I'll export that border action set and back it up.

So thats basically my workflow for all photography.
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