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6 years 5 months ago #562 by Gregory Cazillo
Gregory Cazillo created the topic: xmp
thegareth7878 has made a comment on Adobe Lightroom 4:
Greg, great video, could you expand on what data ISN'T included in the XMP file, i've searched for this and can't find anything, i feel this is quite important if the recommendation are to create a new library, thanks!!

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6 years 5 months ago #617 by Serdar Dikdik
Serdar Dikdik replied the topic: Re: xmp
I find these in the adobe site about xmp

if you were to change or delete or replace existing .xmp files, Lightroom doesn't know and doesn't care. It doesn't use .xmp files in its normal operation.

Lightroom only uses .xmp files when you first import photos (if the .xmp exists), or when you issue the command to read metadata from files.

Well, here's what apparently finally worked for me. If I use the menu instead of the Properties, i.e. Metadata -> XMP -> Export XMP to File then import that to the new library it works.

It may sound silly, but worth a shot. Try using iView Media Pro(trial if you don't own it), drag your folders into a temp catalog, select all images, choose the Sync-Metadata option on the tool bar. There is an option to embed metadata into the images... do that! Go back to LR and see if the ratings are there. That should end your troubles. It works for me.

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