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Keep Shooting! Photography Assignments (04 Feb 2013)

Be sure to check out the new Keep Shooting! Photography Assignments, every two weeks there is a new one!


  1. Your account can be removed or suspended at any time without prior notice.

  2. Posts should be thought out carefully and have enough information. Other users should be able to reply with answers instead of questions about the OP's question(s).

  3. Use of somewhat decent grammar with punctuation is a must. None of this: ppl cant understand u when u r talking lyke dis!
  4. Members are to read the descriptions of the forum first before posting a thread, to make sure it is in the correct area.

  5. Respect for other members is not optional.

  6. Be aware of copyrights of other member pictures, and do not re post others pictures without permission. This should be axiomatic!

  7. Appropriate subject titles are a must, instead of "Help me!" or "I have a Problem." A title should include what you are asking or posting about, but not too long as to make people not want to read. 

  8. No spamming, soliciting and any other tomfoolery.

  9. Avoid ALL CAPS at all cost.  Posts will be removed for excessive use.
  10. No excessive bumping of your thread(s) or others.

  11. When quoting posts that have photos, please take a minute to remove the [IMG] tags, or just remove the reference to the photo altogether. There's no reason to have the same photo quoted time and again in a thread, it only makes the page longer and everyone scroll more.

  12. Do not post the same topic in more than one category or multiple times.

  13. Image posts must include: camera, lens, shutter speed, aperture & ISO.
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