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Keep Shooting! Monday Video Playlist

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Keep Shooting! Mondays

Weekly Photography show hosted by Gregory Cazillo where he answers your photography questions, discusses photo related links from around the web, featured equipment & photo assignments to improve your photography.

Pet Photography Tips - Part 2

Photo session with Gracie! Question of the Week: Tweet us your favorite pet photo!

Pet Photography Tips - Part 1

15 tips to improve your pet photography! Question of the Week: What is your pet's name?

Photography Background Suggestions & Photo News

Question of the Week: Send us your photography questions & show suggestions!

DIY Photo Projects Part 3

Question of the Week: What is your favorite DIY photo project we have shown so far? Watch DIY Photo Projects Part 1 & Part 2

DIY Photo Projects - Part 2

Question of the Week: Who is your favorite online photo printing company? Watch DIY Photo Projects Part 1 & Part 3

Picture Framing 101 For Photographers

Question of the Week: Have you ever used a custom picture framer? Why or why not?

DIY Photo Projects - Part 1

Question of the Week: What is your favorite DIY photo project? Watch DIY Photo Projects Part 2 & Part 3

Photographer's Wedding Attire, Choosing Camera Brands & Photo Assignment Winners

Question of the Week: What do you like about your camera system? Dislikes?

Ultimate Flash Photography Exposure Tutorial

Question of the week: What flash tutorial do you want to see next? Podcast Feed

Answering Your Flash Photography Questions!

Question of the Week: Any more FLASH questions? Send us flash photos you need help with!

Posing & Off Camera Flash Tutorial

Question of the Week: What do you want to learn about FLASH?

Simple Flash Exposure Tutorial & New Photo Assignment

Question of the week: Describe your PERFECT Photography Day!

New BlackRapid Strap & Using the Right Tools!

Question of the week: What questions do you have for Epson?

Nature Assignment Winners & Handholding at 1/4 Second

Question of the week: Which is your favorite Nature Assignment photo?

Adobe Lightroom 6 Wishlist & Flash Zoom Position

Question of the week: What is on your Lightroom 6 WISHLIST?

Photographer's Marketing Tips & YouTuber Debate Challenge

Question of the week: How do you like the new video setup?

New Photo Assignment Nature & Epson 4540 Printer Review

QOTW: What's your worst wedding photography story?

6 Reasons to Rent Photo Gear & Special Guest from

Question Of The Week: What equipment would you rent to play with?

YouTube Life Lesson: Playing Nicely in the Photography Sandbox

Question of the week: What's the #1 photography lesson you learned on YouTube?

Outlawing Photoshop & Group Photo Tips

Question of the week: Do you save your exported jpeg files? Why or why not?

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