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Keep Shooting! Mondays

Weekly Photography show hosted by Gregory Cazillo where he answers your photography questions, discusses photo related links from around the web, featured equipment & photo assignments to improve your photography.
DSLR Video Gear, Prepping for Event Photography & More!

Camera cage and follow focus mounting anything handheld.

STOP CHIMPING! Event Photography Tips & Focusing on Fast Moving Objects

Chimping is looking at each frame after shooting it on the back of your screen...STOP IT!

DIY COMMERCIAL GRADE Camera Slider Under $175

Video sponsored by CamOnWheels!

How to Print HUGE PANORAMICS with an Epson Printer!

This huge panoramic print is 6 feet long!

Signing Photographs, f2.8 Lenses & Shooting Weddings

Comment below - Do you want a video critique series?

Nikon D5, D500, SB-5000 & Lightroom Tips

PLUS questions about reflectors & is LARGE FORMAT photography making a COMEBACK???!

Lightroom 7 Wishlist & Do You Need a Model Release?

This was a great Keep Shooting! Monday if I do say so myself!

The "300 DPI" Myth & Benefits of Formal Photography Education

STOP saying "300 DPI" and perpetuating the myth!

Nikon D5 Leaks, Software Updates & Blue Sky Photos

Deep blue sky tips when using flash.

Adobe CC Updates, Questions & Let's Change Photography Industry for GOOD

Do you print photos for clients? Why or why not?

Is TIME Screwing Photographers? What ELSE is in your bag, Greg?

Comment with whats in YOUR bag!

Grip Equipment, Canon Suing, Nikon & Adobe Apps

Do you have any grip equipment or clamps?

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