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Volunteer Firefighter

This past weekend I took a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) training class.  One of the tasks is to climb in a window wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment) and rescue a downed firefighter through that same window.  This is called the Denver Drill, it comes from a firefighter that lost his life because others could not get Firefighter Mark Langvardt out of a window that was right next to him.

Getting myself through that very small window was quite a chore. Somehow I made in, and out. I thought you would enjoy these photos of me climbing in the window. Big Thanks to Traditions Training and their team who taught our RIT Class.

Very Small Window

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago on our live fire burn drill.  We had quite a few evolutions setup that day.  That's me with the "New Guy" tag on my jacket.  Now I've learned a little more and completed another section of my probie packet and I have my name on my coat.  I'll post a photo of that sometime.  Can you find the "Nikon" in the photo?  Photograph courtesy of Montgomery County Fire Academy.

Greg Cazillo at Fire 1 Live Burn Drill

Thanks to Martin for shooting this short piece of video of me (with my iPhone 4s) while I was running the master stream the other day at fire school. Fun!

Great video tribute by Cee Lo Green for Volunteer Firefighters...check it out.

In case you are new to my blog (and life!) I recently joined the Lionville Fire Company after editing/photographing/designing their 100th Anniversary Book.  I have wanted to join a fire co for a long time but never pursued it.  Last July I was contacted by one of the members and asked to give a quote on a book.  Well to make a long story short I ended up loving the experience, crew, the challenge and the possibility to help people.

Lionville Fire Company, 100th AnniversaryThis Saturday I start Fire 1 classes which is the basic instruction for firefighters.  Wednesday I picked up my first set of gear, then tonight I was able to participate in my first Vehicle Rescue Training Drill with the company.  I feel like a sponge taking up as much as possible, but there is still so much to learn.  Just remembering where everything is on 4 apparatus is difficult, then add knowing what each thing is makes it more difficult.  Imagine someone saying to you for the first time as a photographer to change your aperture to f4.  You were clueless the first time.

Tonight's VRT drill I was shown proper procedure on how to use a Hurst Tool (jaws of life) and I was able to cut the A pillar off a car.  Amazing how powerful that tool is, no wonder everyone that uses it on a rescue call needs to be properly could really hurt someone.  The other thing that really amazed me was how fast the fire went up in the other car we drilled with.  It was completely engulfed in flames in a matter of 2 minutes and standing 30+ feet back you could still feel the heat.  There are also other techniques and tools we went over like how to break a window properly on a vehicle, and how to support it properly in a roll-over.  Plenty more to learn that's for sure!

This year is going to be quite exciting and definitely a time to remember, I hope you don't mind me sharing!
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