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Photo Critiques

Greg and a few #Cazillions critique photos shared in either the forum or Flickr Group.
Studio Flower - Photography Critique #12

Have you ever photographed a flower in the studio? Let's see it!

Urban Scene - Photography Critique #11

I love symmetrical photos like this!

Outdoor Portrait - Photography Critique #10

How many points would you give this photo?

Dog Headshot - Photography Critique #9

Harsh light dog portrait

Scenic Bridge - Photography Critique #8

Love this scenic bridge photo!

Children's Portrait - Photography Critique #7

What do you think of this children's portrait?

Architecture - Photography Critique #6

This applies to almost all architecture photos.

Frame in a Frame - Photography Critique #5

There are some special considerations when taking photos of buildings.

Photography Watermark Critique

Stop with the horrible watermarks!

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