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  • Portrait Photography Composition - Working with Hands & Feet

    Watch Portrait Photography Composition - Working with Hands & Feet on YouTube

    Hands & feet make your models comfortable and photographs much better. They are also the toughest parts of the body to pose. In this video I go over both of them, what do do and not to do. Keep Shooting!

    Beach Wedding!
  • Portrait Photography Session with Deena

    Watch Portrait Photography Session with Deena on YouTube

    I've had many requests for this type of video, showing how I shoot a portrait session.  There is a ton of info in this video plus some commentary which explains what I'm doing if its not 100% obvious.  One thing that you may notice is that I don't spend a lot of time fiddling with my camera.  I know it 110% and only worry about my exposure, histogram, composition and focus.  Other things like white balance and picture controls could not be farther from my mind and I don't think about them.  My goal is to create great photographs and that requires me to have a great rappor with the model or family keeping the thoughts and fun going.

    Here are your steps!

    1. Scout your location early or on another day with similar lighting conditions
    2. Keep a good conversation going with the model and 'look' at them making sure they are comfortable
      1. Learning to read someone's body language will dramatically improve your posing and portraits overall
    3. Know your equipment
    4. Use your histogram and screen (sparingly)
    5. Use a single focus point and put it on the model's face or eye
    6. Think about composition and what you want to create & ALWAYS fill the frame
    7. I usually recommend solid color clothing with no or minimal logos
    8. Shoot a few angles or crops of each scene so you can maximize sales potential (if you are selling images)

    So what questions do you have?  Do you think you can do this?  What's your favorite available light portrait?  Photos after the break...

    Deena Deena by Cazillo, on Flickr
  • Portrait Pricing, Too Many Photos & PhotoPlus Interviews

    Portrait Pricing, Too Many Photos & PhotoPlus Interviews

    Question of the Week: What questions do you have for PhotoPlus Expo Exhibitors

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