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Blane had sent me a video question about whether or not to get a loan to buy new photo gear, cameras, lenses, etc.  He has a good job now but wants to expand his photography business in the coming years.  Check out the video to hear my answer as well as the other questions he had.  Thanks Blane!

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+3 # Laura Aquino 2011-11-22 12:56
24-78 2.8 is really a great lens...but if you do not have a full-frame camera will not really give you much wide angle for shooting with lots of background, but great portrait... but limited bokeh.

There is a slightly nicer if u just want to train yourself... 18-55mm f2.8 will give u better range (including structures travel,kids) but not as great as 24-70. I have 24-70mm and I love this, but my choice for portraits is still 70-200mm
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+2 # Michael Lamberty 2011-11-22 14:05
Nice video,
Blane is saying what we all thinking.
Keep on shooting and keep on making such great videos for us users.
I like that stuff very much!
Best regard from germany
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0 # Kenton 2011-11-22 23:26
My two cents about a flash is spend the extra money and get the 580. The ergonomics is so much better than the 430. Also you can not hook a pocket wizard into the 430, which means you have to buy a pc hotshoe adapter, which is a serious pain in the but. Spend the extra few bucks on the 580. 24-70 is an awesome lens. I have not used the 17-55 2.8 but from what I understand, the image quality is very close to L and one of the reason it is not an L lens is because the construction is not quite as good, and it is for a crop sensor body. But the glass is just about as good. Keep in mind though, it wont work on a 5d.
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0 # Rory 2011-11-23 08:06
Something to remember for Canon shooters, DO NOT BUY Pocket Wizard Flex series. If you want high end triggers that WORK with TTL, get Radio Poppers. Cost a similar amount, but actually WORK with Canon flashes.

Check forums / YouTube etc for about 5000 cases where PocketWizard have had to send people a dopey little "skirt" for their flash to get limited functionality from the triggers.
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0 # Sav 2011-12-09 04:16
Thought I'd give you my 2c worth. I shoot Canon and was in a similar position to you a couple of years ago - just starting out, limited budget, building up client list.

Where you have the money to invest in top-notch gear - great, however that doesn't mean you can't get awesome results with "consumer" gear. The T2i is a very good body - the sensor in it is the same as the 7D. I would say this is the last area you should invest in unless you want to shoot sports.

70-200 is an awesome range (Canon do 4 or 5 diff versions) - however it will be too tight for group shots/general purpose. I love the 17-55 f2.8, yes its for crops only and it's not an L lens, but it has the IQ to match.

I started off with a 430Exii and "cheap" ebay triggers - manual only but they work. I don't think $$$ on PWs is justified early on.

I'd also agree with Greg on saving up rather than going for the loan now.

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