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Watch Camera Manuals, RTFM - Photography Quick Tip #6 on YouTube

RTFM.  Your camera manual is there for a reason, for you to read it!  One of the best ways to improve your photography is by knowing your equipment inside and out.  Not knowing how to change your ISO or even worse leaving it on Auto ISO is terrible.  You will always be fumbling with your camera which will prevent you from being a proficient photographer.  My favorite app for iOS is Goodreader which allows me to save and search my camera manual from my iPhone anytime.  Watch the video for more info. 

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0 # Amy 2012-11-05 17:43
I had to tell my husband about this video. He says this to his co-workers all the time. Well, he overhauls diesel engines, but the same concept. They make fun of him for sitting and reading them. But guess who can do the most complicated work? Anyway, just got my first DSLR camera a few months ago, a D5100. Took my firt manual picture the other week, was of the moon. Decided I needed to learn what I was doing, and found your site. Been watching videos every night the last several nights. Oh, and I did read the manual for my camera the day after I got it. I am DSLR stupid, had to read it to use it.
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