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Watch File Naming & Storage on YouTube

Thanks to Eric on Facebook for passing along this video suggestion. In this video I go over the best method I've found to store and sort my photos. Check out the video...questions? Comments? Let's hear them!

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0 # Tim March 2012-02-21 16:22
I currently store my photos on my laptop's hard drive (I only have 40gb's or so). I then back them up with time machine to an external drive, then I copy them to another external hard drive. Finally, I have another copy of my photos on a hard drive at my parents house. Soon I will expand this to include a copy that I will keep in a safety deposit box or something. Just in case!
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0 # Gary Brown 2012-02-22 14:33
I started to use your naming convention around a year ago, before that I just searched through lightroom until I found the image I wanted - very tedious. RAW images get backed up to my server, JPG’s are ftp’d from lightroom to a website for temporary viewing, server backs up to a Netgear NAS and the NAS backs up to on-line storage, although I’m considering excluding the RAW files from on-line storage though - I think I’ve pretty much got it covered.
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0 # Keith Atkinson 2012-02-23 06:26
Yet another superb tutorial easy to understand and helpfull. I want to say on behalf of myself and everyone who follows you thanks for the time that you put into these you do make a difference Greg

Jared should watch and learn
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