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Reflectors can be great way to improve your photographs, here are some tips on how to use them.

Watch How to Use Reflectors on YouTube

Reflectors are one more tool in our arsenal allowing us to create better photographs. I've used them in portraits, weddings, still life and product photography. Watch this video and comment below if you have any questions. Before you go head over and watch Kim's Cancer Story. Keep shooting!

Links from this week's video: Photoflex Multidisc 5-in-1 32" Collapsible Reflector & Photoflex 32" Multi Disc Kit, with 32" 5-in-1 Multi Disc Portable Reflector, Compact Holder and LightStand I  Conquered Chemo!

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0 # Phil Craig 2013-03-12 20:12
Hi Greg, thanks for this video on using 5 in 1 reflectors, most enlightening.
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