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My favorite photographer is Yousuf Karsh!

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When I was attending Antonelli Institute the professor stressed the importance of past photographers and how much we could learn from them. I found Yousuf Karsh, and to this day still study his work. The light and shadow, composition and feeling in his portraits is just amazing. I strongly suggest finding your own favorite photographer in history and studying their work to develop your own style. Keep shooting!

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Greg's Favorite Photographer

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0 # Catu Dasa 2013-02-28 10:41
Dear Greg, everyone has a sort of "role model" in photography.
Mine is James Nachtwey, the War Photographer.
There is also a documentary about him on YouTube.
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0 # Mark 2013-03-03 22:20
Thanks, Greg, for the very inspirational story, I love hearing a good story about how a photographer got an amazing shot. I know in my own experience, a posed shot looks like a posed shot, sometimes lifeless, even. Catching my subjects off guard for a candid shot are the best shots, full of life and popping from the frame.
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