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Hello & wecome to @Cazillo.  My staff of photographers, website designers & programmers are finally under a new name.  I have been in business for years but only part time for myself as I had a full time position working for another photo studio.  Because of the economy I was laid off in April of 2009.  I gave myself 6 months and decided on a company name and went forward with it.  I had already been a member of LeTip Chester County East Business Referral Group for about 2 years and switched my category to Website Designer.  That group of local business owners in the Exton/West Chester/Main Line area are the reason I am still self employed today - and have plenty of business to keep me occupied.

I had been doing both website design and photography for the studio and pushed their website to #5 for a 2 keyword search.  It was a natural progression to start working for myself...although as my Grandfather used to say I just needed a "swift kick in the pants" to get going. 

Photography & Website DesignIts now 14 months later and I have decided to brand myself under a new name, @Cazillo.  The new logo is great with a touch of 'pixels'.  I have also had a hankerin' for starting a blog so its time to get going. 

Besides website design and photography jobs I have also been teaching at Main Line School Night as well as Chester County Night School.  Both of them have done me well and as I read lately its best to give away all knowledge I have, that way it leaves room for more.  I am not sure of the source...probably one of the many blogs I read. 

This website and blog will probably go through many changes and updates over the next year.  I don't want to limit anything, just see where it goes.  I will probably comment on the blogs that I read, my 365 photo project, photography I like as well as my rants, raves, perks and pokes of daily business.

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0 # Jammie 2011-11-02 07:26
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2011-11-02 14:33
Stop being an asshole and spamming people's websites.
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