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Watch Adobe Lightroom 4 on YouTube

Here are my initial reactions to the newly released Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta.  You can download and use it for free until the final version comes out in a few months.  Check out the video!

Adobe Lightroom 4

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0 # Lance C 2012-01-10 14:47
Not a bad review for right out of the box. THe cool stuff with video is making any corrections I am encoding a video right now on some changes done in lightroom I will be posting them on my youtube channel shortly. lancecadena.

Tht highlights and shadows done on the fly is so so so cool. If you view my video look at the right side of the video. THat was so blown out you could not see the reflection. I toned it down and it brought in the reflection. On the left side it was rather dark and I lightend up just the shadow areas. I also boosted the saturation of the leaves. It is however taken a long time to encode a 1:04 video. BUt tham might be my special effects.
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0 # Lance C 2012-01-10 14:49
and it is still encoding at 93% check my channel out and comment. Feel free to subscribe and like as well :)
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0 # Agustin 2012-01-10 17:23
did I saw a "whites" slider on the development menu?
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