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Mike posted a few questions about choosing a photo lab and exporting photos, watch the video for the answers!

Watch Choosing a Photo Lab & Exporting for Prints on YouTube

I haven't talked about photo labs in quite a while so when Mike posted this I thought it would be a good video. See Mike's questions below and watch the video for the answers, Keep shooting!

Saucer Magnolia

Hi Greg

Please consider doing a Youtube video on the suggested steps a pro photographer should use after post edit processing is completed to include but not limited to:

  1. How to choose the correct type of file to send to the lab
  2. Concerns that the lab will accept that type of file
  3. Upon editing your RAW file, is that edited RAW file renamed in order to keep the original RAW file intact?
  4. How to choose a file size and resolution to send to the lab
  5. What to look for in a lab
  6. What to watch out for in a lab
  7. Do you have the lab send you a small/proof print to review before you send the money to have 16x20's or larger printed?

Thank you, Capt Mike

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