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Two new segments in Keep Shooting! Monday new gear & around the web.

Watch Nikon D7100, Auto White Balance, Auto vs Manual Exposure & DIY Reflectors on YouTube

In case you haven't noticed Keep Shooting! Monday has evolved since E1, now I am up to E8 and I've decided to add two segments which are 'Around the Web' and 'New Gear'. I'll give my thoughts on a recent article, new equipment coming out or general photography related items that I find. Today I go over the Nikon D7100 and article from Professional Photographer Magazine on posing. #Cazillion questions include auto white balance, auto vs manual exposure mode, and a follow up to last week's video on giving you ideas on what you can use for DIY reflectors. Keep shooting!

Links from today's video:


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+1 # Marcelo Canda 2013-02-25 16:53
Greg, Congratulations!!!

I like the way you comunicate your skills.
Keep doing this videos

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+1 # Agustin 2013-02-26 11:39
Sorry but for ME the D7000 it's a semy pro/pro body. It has almost all the same functions, the 2 wheels for aperture and speed, a nice ISO range, a motor for old lenses, a fear autofocus system, I don't know what does not have, the FPS? it's not a big deal for me, DX sensor? just like the d300, sharpness? It was THE camera to test lenses for more than a year. I'm using it for weddings, I use a photix transmitter to pop some flashes, a SB700 on the camera (mainly for the AF red light that it's better and less annoying than the white on camera light) and sometimes I only use ambient light with fast primes. Really it's a good camera and has all the pro functions, you can't say that is not a pro body because only for the pricing.
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