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Episode #25 of Keep Shooting! Monday started out a bit rough again with some audio issues, fortunately I got it going right and started over and its been removed from this version. Gonna keep trying :). I Create Photographs tshirts are on sale, use promo code 'summer' to get $5 off. After the shutdown of Snapjoy another photo sharing website I reminded you how important backups are and not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Nikon can repaint your lenses if you send them to the Taiwan repair center. I also showed some really cool color photos from the 1940s of D-Day, and reminded you Photoshop CC has some new features. Canon has an advisory on their 1DX and 1DC cameras for insufficient lube, since we all need lube be sure to send them in to be fixed.

I picked our 'Anything edited in Lightroom' winners and went over the new assignment 'Patriotism' which falls right in line with Independence Day here in the USA on July 4. Post your photos for the assignment here Keep shooting!

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