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Watch Flash in Church, Flash Zoom Heads & SSD Drives on YouTube

There were some really neat links this week I found around the web, be sure to check them out below. #Cazillion questions included flash in church at weddings, zoom settings with flash heads and off camera flash, SSD drives in your computer for more speed, car photography settings, My video setup for Live KS!M videos, and a reminder that you need to know how exposure works if you want to improve your photography.

This week's photo assignment is 'toys'. It can be a hobby or big kids toy as well as a child's toy. This one is going to be pretty loose so have fun with it! Post your photos here

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Waiting for the Show

#1 by Richard

#2 by Connor

#3 by David

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0 # Henry M. Allen 2014-06-25 11:53
You videos are extremely helpful. I have been shooting for > than 20 years, but still a lot to learn. Your tutorials are great. THANKS.

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