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Question of the Week: What do you want to learn about FLASH?

Watch Posing & Off Camera Flash Tutorial on YouTube

Greg created a few photographs of Kathy today in this flash tutorial video. She posted in the garden and gave some tips on posing and a few things to watch out for like jewelry, hands, wrists, arms, etc. Also in the news today was the Flash Keep Shooting Photo Assignment due on July 11th by 5pm posted to the forum and a few notes on the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2014. Keep Shooting!

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+1 # Alan 2014-06-24 03:41
Hi Greg & Kathy
I Rent a Shoot through Umbrella for Wedding shots to do fill in flash Photos, I have done 2 Weddings so far and have another one penciled in for January (Summer).
Would a Light Box like the one you used on this Video be better.
thank you
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+2 # Greg Fulgham 2014-06-24 12:44
This was by far and away the BEST program you 2 have done. I was a TV director for over 20 years and now own an ad agency in a small town in Texas. I am photographing things & people for clients and I WILL put everything you guys covered to good use. Give us more of the same. Plus, I like the banter and chemistry between you both.
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0 # Francis D. 2014-06-24 14:24
Hi Greg. I love the "CUTE" softbox, ha ha. I just wanted to know if there's enough clearance in the fixture to allow for the speedlight to sit on top of a flash trigger. Thanks!
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+1 # Dwayne 2014-06-24 17:57
Great episode and interesting topic. Looking forward to the next discussion on flash and posing.
I am not sure if you got "lucky" or if you purposely avoided getting any flash or light reflections in Kathy's glasses. Could you elaborate on how to avoid getting reflections on glasses. Thanks.
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0 # Julie Anne Moore 2014-06-28 08:02
Love this tutorial. I would love to see more about both off camera flash and posing.

I am currently using a Nikon d90 and find that I cannot use my Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 lens with flash because the cameras sync speed is 200th/s which leaves me with camera shake and motion blur. I have to use my lighter telephoto lens(lower grade), or a tripod when syncing with the flash. Is this just a limitation I have to accept with my d90?
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