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Question of the week: Which photo from today's shoot was your favorite? Comment with the time!

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Another week, another photo shoot with adorable pets! McKree and Maggie posed for us this week and got plenty of treats to prove it. McKree is an Irish Wolfhound and Maggie is a Black Lab. Any questions about today's show? Ask in the comments. We used a few tricks from knowing the owner's commands, treats, lovin' and honey on their noses to get the photos we wanted. Keep shooting!

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0 # Haydon 2014-09-17 21:39
Definitely the McKree shot laying down. Well composed, pleasant background bokeh and the dogs body language really make the photograph.
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0 # Patrick Gooden 2014-10-13 14:38

I like the photo of Maggie the best. I look at the intensity of the eyes that seems to focused, head upright and ready. The detailed image makes Maggie stand out.
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